Forest Creek Homeowners Association started a regular newsletter years ago with several issues published before publication ceased. From early homeowner meetings at the home of Earl Humphrey, residents Sharon Irvin and Cathy Parsons volunteered to create a newsletter. The first issue of the Forest Creek Newsletter was created in July of 2000. Sereral Issues were published until pulication ceased in 2001. In August of 2002, Earl Humphrey and Sharon Irvin began re-publishing of the Newsletter with a different format from the original. Their efforts ceased with the October 2002 Edition. In November 2002, the Newsletter was published with a new Editor (Mike Chmielewski) and a new format and was the first Newsletter after the turnover of the Association to the residents. Starting in 2008, Mrs. BJ CarMichael published the Newsletter for a few issues. For a short time Fairway Property Management was the Newsletter Publisher. Beginning in late 2010, the Newsletter evolved into a e-Newsletter that is emailed to residents we have email addresses for every month.