Jim Irvin
Vice President
Debbie Hussey
Anthony Holloway
Robert Mathews
Mike Chmielewski
Robert Cropper
Dave Wharton
Will Klein
Bob Carmichael


The following is a list of the issues/accomplishments that were resolved by the Board in the 2003-2004 term:

  • Gate Closed - A decision was made to close the gate on a 24/7 basis.
  • Gate Repair - An unfortunate incident where a driver attempted to enter the community through the exit gate damaged the gate. Several months of effort were required to obtain an insurance settlement and the exit gate replaced.
  • Audit Committee formed, to review last year's accounts and financial records.
  • The Grounds Committee completed major repair for the culvert behind Lot 92. Also, the Grounds Committee has worked tirelessly to resolve issues involving the common areas.
  • Community Garage sale held weekend of November 21, 2003. Friday April 23rd and Saturday April 24th 9 AM to 3 PM, were the dates for the first semi-annual community garage sale of 2004.
  • The boundary dispute with the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church resolved when Title to property was received.
  • Gate keypad housing was de-rusted and cleaned.
  • 2003-2004 Annual Budget Approval.
  • 05 Oct. 2002 Community Garage Sale held
  • 19 Oct. 2002 Semi-annual Community Picnic
  • Appointment of Nominating Committee to Oversee Election Process for the 2004-2005 Board of Directors.
  • No Trespassing Signs added to Front Gate area and Brown St. area.
  • Saturday May 1st a Block Party Picnic for the Forest Creek Residents.
  • A maximum dollar amount of $200.00 was approved to pay a Tax Preparation Firm to prepare the Associations Tax Return but most likely the bill will be in the area of $150.00.
  • New Lawn Service contractor employed which realized a savings in this expense for the community.
  • Reserve fund to be invested in safe, secured investments such as CD’s or Money Market.
  • Permission has been obtained to remove the ‘unsightly’ builders sign at the front entrance.
  • Decision was made to maintain the present Property Management, Bayside Management Services.
  • Directors Workshop, a training seminar for members of Board of Directors was held at the Hilton Melbourne Beach on November 7, 2002. The workshop held at night, was given by the Law Firm of Clayton & McCulloh and was attended by Dave Wharton, Earl Humphrey and Mike Chmielewski.
  • The present contract with Bayside Management was reviewed against a list compiled by residents based upon their perceived requirements for a property management company.
  • The front gate was equipped with a device that opens when an emergency vehicle approaches and activates a "YELP" on its siren. The fire department was kind enough to check the system to make sure it does work.
  • Earlier this month, a few weeks ago Schwab Homes was contracted to perform improvements on Tract P, the 25 foot wide area between Lots 46 and 47. This Tract of land is required by Melbourne City Code in the event that the community goes from private to public, an additional exit would be required from the subdivision. The work performed was removal of trash and debris, grading, sidewalk installation (Required by Melbourne Code), installation of sod, irrigation, and planting of four trees. Money was saved because the work was done at the same time the sidewalk was being constructed for the house on Lot 47, which was being done by Schwab Custom Homes. If you get the chance, venture onto Spring Oak Dr. in Phase II and view the work done. Perhaps this area could serve as the site for future Block Parties?


The table to the left represents the members of the second elected FCHOA Board of Directors. The Board candidates were largely composed of previous Elected Board Members who worked tirelessly to continue working to resolve leftover outstanding issues from 2003. Originally at the Organizational Meeting following the election Dave Wharton was selected to be president. He stepped down in the May time frame and Jim Irvin assumed the duties of President and Debbie Hussey became Vice-President. Upon taking the position of president, Jim resigned his position of Chairman of the ACRC. Debbie assumed this chairmanship without any objection from the Board.