Dave Wharton
Vice President
Debbie Hussey
Anthony Holloway
Robert Mathews
Mike Chmielewski
Robert Cropper
Michael Damweber
Will Klein
Jim Irvin


The Developer at turnover left many issues that required resolution. He did leave funds to allow a better chance on resolution of some or all of the inherited challenges. In addition, issues arose that required the Board's attention and resolution. The following is a list of the issues/accomplishments that were resolved by the Board in the 2002-2003 term:

  • Sod/Irrigate/Cleanup of Tract of land located between lots 46 and 47 bordering Diplomat Street in the adjacent subdivision, in Phase II.
  • A petty cash fund was approved, as funds to be made available without Board Approval, for the sole purpose of replacing light bulbs in the common areas as they fail.
  • Gate Repair/Upgrade. The goal here was to improve the condition of the gate to a level where yearly maintenance costs will be reduced). Since the Gate was damaged severely by COX Lumber the Board decided to resolve this issue in line with our goal.
  • Audit Committee formed, from a group of volunteer homeowners to review last year's accounts and financial records.
  • Repair of the Swale on Forest Creek Dr.
  • A decision was made via unanimous vote to approve $200.00 for yearly repair costs for the culvert in need of repair behind Lot 92.
  • Through a device called an 'Interagency Agreement', the Melbourne Police Department was given jurisdiction to issue citations within the community for speeding and other traffic violations.
  • Disposition of the old Park Sign that marked the entrance to the Park between lots 75 and 76 on Spring Oak Dr.
  • Block Party held on 19 October 2002, at 4:00 PM in the vicinity of 903 Spring Oak Dr.
  • Community Garage sales held October 5, 2002.
  • Directors Workshop, a training seminar for new members of Board of Directors was attended by some members of the Board, at the Hilton Melbourne Beach on November 7, 2002.
  • Removal of the 'unsightly' builders sign at the front entrance.
  • A maximum dollar amount of $200.00 was approved to pay a Tax Preparation Firm to prepare the Associations Tax Return.
  • Reserve fund to be invested in safe, secured investments such as CD's or Money Market.
  • Swale problem resolved at the rear of Lots 66 and 67 and the side of Lot 154. Re-grading done and sod installed in this area.
  • Saturday April 12th and Sunday April 13th the first semi-annual community garage sale of 2003 was held.
  • Two dead trees on Forest Creek Drive were removed. They were in-between the first two lots on either side of Forest Creek, between lots 97 and 98 and lots 1 and 2.
  • Addition of hedge trimming at the front entrance to the list of common area maintenance items.
  • The Property Management Contract was voted for unanimously after some discussion and clarification questions.
  • Saturday May 17th a Block Party Picnic for the Forest Creek Residents.
  • Sprinkler System Company hired to perform any needed repairs and periodic maintenance.
  • Gate keypad housing is constructed with the bricks matching the bricks of the existing gate posts.
  • 2002-2003 Annual Budget Approval.
  • Appointment of Nominating Committee to Oversee Election Process for the 2003-2004 Board of Directors.
  • Settlement on the boundary dispute with the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church by purchasing the disputed property and obtaining Title.


The table to the left represents the members of the first elected FCHOA Board of Directors. The Board candidates were largely composed of previous Transition Board Members who worked tirelessly to facilitate a smooth turnover of the Association from the Developer to the Residents.